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Reading is the gateway to learning, it opens doors to adventures and new possibilities. With strong reading skills, children walk toward a promising future.  Without strong reading skills, children will face a host of difficult challenges throughout their lives.

How can you teach your child to read?

The Read Before School program teaches parents how to take their children from recognising letters of the alphabet, all the way through to reading books independently.  It is a complete phonics based reading system, giving parents the skills to uncover their children’s potential.

Can a baby learn to read? 

Excellent literacy practices should begin at birth – literacy begins on the lap of a parent or carer.  To give children the best start, parents should foster a love of words and reading.   In the first year, parents can read stories, sign, rhyme and play, to develop listening skills and an interest in words. This closeness and ritual causes babies to develop good feelings about books. The playing, mouthing, flicking pages and “imaginary reading” will gradually give way to decoding of text, analysis of pictures, and comprehension of the story.  Your child will learn to love books and to read.

The Read Before School program has been designed so that parents can adapt the program to suit every child, no matter what their age or potential.  The program teaches parents how to check their child’s readiness to commence the program and their readiness to move on to each step in the 5 step program.  While some children are able to read independently at age 2, using the Read Before School program, others may achieve this at age 5.  Many parents may like to start introducing the program from 6 months of age, others at 1, and others may prefer to wait until the toddler or preschool years.

Parent Involvement in Early Literacy is the Key to Academic Success

The key to this program’s success lies in parental involvement.  The program arms parents and caregivers with the necessary skills, to provide a supportive, interactive, and fun learning environment, and to be their child’ first teacher.  While other apps put the tablet or phone directly in the hands of the toddler or pre-schooler for letter recognition games and the like, Read Before School puts the technology in the hands of the parents.

The team at Read Before School understand that during these formative years, screen time should be greatly limited, and human interactions are what is required to provide a solid, healthy, start to their education.

While preschool education apps are often successful at teaching isolated skills such as letter recognition, they often fail at providing a comprehensive, end to end reading program.  Such a program requires continual checking and monitoring, positive reinforcement, motivation, repetition, and program individualization, which is best delivered by humans, and during the early years, by a child’s parents or carers.

Kids Reading App and video tutorials

Read Before School delivers a customizable individualized learning program, facilitated by parents.  Parents can follow the course on a tablet, smart phone, PC or Mac.

Where can I get Read Before School?

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